Mind Games

juli 19

Art, sound & music projects from Amsterdam, NL. Mind Games is my personal music project. A place where I make dreamy songs, spacey rock ’n roll, strange soundscapes etc. Lo-fi and raw music. All self produced. Listen below to my latest album ‘Girona’. An album that I recorded while I was living in Spain for […]

Dutch Accent

januari 20

Dutch Accent is a store with art, exclusive gifts & souvenirs located in the 9 streets. A famous shopping district in the centre of Amsterdam. Among the artworks offered are paintings of Dutch places and scenes in different styles, from abstract landscapes to realism. There are also objects and glass art by Dutch artists as […]

Dog Logic

januari 20

Job: Project Management Communication Assisting with consultation and dog training Web design / maintenance Graphic design Dog Logic is volunteer work with dogs that I do with my brother Christiaan Verdegaal. He is a dog behavior specialist and we want to help people who have problems with their dog(s). Together with his dog Albert he […]

Marokko reizen

januari 20

marokkoreizenmetandel.nl Job: Web design Marokko heeft erg veel te bieden en staat bekend om haar diversiteit. Het landschap is betoverend, afwisselend, indrukwekkend en fascinerend. Marokko heeft een prachtige kust met veel mooie en rustige stranden. Het heeft een woest berglandschap met prachtige kleuren, verborgen meren en oases. En dan de woestijn met haar magische stilte […]

Mr. Balloon

januari 20

Job: Musician A red balloon that goes by the name of Mr. Balloon has led several people into playing during the opening night of The Mixtup Project. See the full report here: cammymaitran.com

North Mountain

november 1

Job: Music Production Amsterdam Sessions by North Mountain Live sessions recorded in a living room in Amsterdam, Netherlands. credits released 02 November 2013Featuring: Harry Jansen: bass, electric guitar, backing vocals Chris Verdegaal: drums and percussion Tyler Simpson: vocals and acoustic guitarCover art by the wildly talented Ryan Graham All songs written by Tyler Simpson


september 1

Job: Music direction EAR premiered in September 2013 during the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. It was Cammy Mai Tran’s solo debut as a writer and director. 

EAR was played four times at Gallery Castrum Peregrini. All shows were sold out! More information: cammymaitran.com  

Happy Demons – Swamp Mentality

mei 31

Job: Musician (bass player), mixing and mastering Happy Demons is a swamp rock band from Amsterdam, NL. This album ‘Swamp Mentality’ was recorded in 2011 by Henk Jonkers. The band at that time was: Ard Dermout (vocals & guitar),  Andrew Tseng (guitar), Cody Voorhees (Drums) & me (Bass guitar).  Swamp Mentality by Happy Demons

Frankenberries Demo E.P.

maart 12

Job: Mastering Frankenberries Demo E.P. by Frankenberries

Sound design showreel

februari 20

Job: Sound design Showreel of Tom Geraedts Design and Animation Montage / 2012